Code of Conduct

  • We treat all the employees equally and fairly.
  • We do not tolerate any form of harassment.
  • Information and necessary facilities are provided to perform their jobs in a safe and legal manner.
  • Employees must not use, bring, or transfer illegal drugs or weapons inside Company’s premises.
Business Partners
  • Do not accept or give gifts, favors, or entertainment, if it appears to obligate the person who receives it.
  • Use and supply only safe and reliable products and services.
  • Respect our competitors and do not use unfair business practices to hurt the competition.
  • Do not have formal or informal discussions with our competitors on prices, markets, products, production or inventory levels.
  • Market our products and services in an honest, fair and ethical manner.
  • Do not compromise our values to make profit.
Business Resources
  • Do not use inside information for personal profit. Do not give such information to others.
  • Protect confidential and proprietary information.
  • Do not use resources to send, receive, access or save electronic information that is sexually explicit, promotes hate, violence, gambling, illegal drugs, or the illegal purchase or use of weapons.
  • Follow all laws, regulations and policies that apply to your work.
  • Do not entice or give money or anything of value to government officials to influence their decisions.
  • We measure and assess our performance, and are transparent in our environmental responsibilities.
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