Clover Pakistan Limited
The Company
Our Brands
Mr. Iqbal Ali Lakhani
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Lakhani
Mr. Amin Mohammed Lakhani
Mr. Tasleemuddin Ahmed Batlay
Mr. A. Aziz H. Ebrahim
Mr. Shahid Ahmed Khan
Mr. Syed Shahid Ali Bukhari
To provide clean and hygienic nutritious food, energy drinks and high quality personnel care products of International standards to our customers.

To maintain growth through brand development and innovation in conformity with the changing needs of the consumers.

To maximize profitability of the Company and provide handsome dividends to the shareholders.

The Company’s name should be synonymous with quality products of international standards.
To become the leading food, drink and personnel care manufacturing and marketing Company in the country.

To diversify and introduce regional brands where appropriate in order to increase turnover and profitability.

To raise the standard of living of our customers by providing them quality products at affordable prices.

To reach out to the targeted consumers and customers wherever they may be, within and outside the country.
Company Registration Number & National Tax Number
Company Registration Number
CUIN # 0015034

National Tax Number
Addresses of Head Office and Registered Office
Lakson Square Building No. 2
Sarwar Shaheed Road
(92-21) 5698000, 5685867
(92-21) 5685489
Head Office and Branch Offices
Lakson Square Building No. 2
Sarwar Shaheed Road
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